Xoft_machineElectronic Brachytherapy (eBx) with the Xoft® Axxent® system is an advanced form of cancer treatment that combines the benefits of external beam radiation therapy and traditional brachytherapy to successfully treat breast, skin and gynecological cancer with minimal damage to surrounding areas.  Patients who undergo this unique treatment can achieve effective results without the dangerous side effects and lengthy downtimes often associated with treating these conditions.

We are proud to be the first facility in Yuma to offer brachytherapy to our patients through the safe, convenient and highly effective Xoft Axxent system.  When combined with traditional treatments, all traces of cancerous tissue can be effectively removed for a healthy return to everyday life.

XOFTWith Xoft treatment, patients can experience a much safer, faster and less invasive procedure for several different types of cancer.  Radiation therapy is delivered directly to the cancerous area to ensure effective results while significantly reducing the amount of radiation delivered to nearby organs and tissue.

Because of its high-dose yet low-energy applications, eBx does not require such shielded treatment delivery and can therefore be offered in more clinical settings.

Breast eBx

eBx for breast cancer is often combined with a surgical procedure called lumpectomy, also known as breast conserving surgery, to ensure a thorough removal of all cancerous tissue.  After the lumpectomy is performed, an uninflated balloon is inserted into the tumor site and gently inflated with a saline solution before radiation therapy is precisely delivered twice a day throughout the course of treatment.  At the end of treatment, the balloon is deflated and gently removed.

As compared to traditional brachytherapy, eBx requires fewer treatment sessions and reduces treatment time from five to eight weeks to as little as five days for early stage cancers.  This allows for a faster return to regular activities and improved cosmetic outcomes.

Skin eBx

While most cases of skin cancer can be successfully treated through surgical excision, many patients can eliminate the need for surgery and achieve more aesthetically-pleasing results through radiotherapy with eBx.  It is also commonly performed on patients who are not ideal candidates for surgery, including those who take blood thinning medication.

This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis with only minimal shielding requirements.  During treatment, the treatment area is prepared with a flexible shield before the Xoft Axxent applicator is applied to the skin to deliver radiation therapy for just a few minutes.  This advanced treatment requires fewer visits than traditional radiation therapy.

Gyn eBx

Gynecological cancers such as endometrial and vaginal cancer can be carefully eradicated through eBx treatment using a vaginal applicator.  This approach significantly reduces the amount of radiation delivered to healthy organs such as the bladder and rectum compared to radioactive isotope treatments.

Treatment is completely customized for the patient’s individual condition, and each session takes approximately 10 minutes to perform.  eBx for gynecological cancer is often performed under CT or X-ray guidance to ensure precise positioning of the vaginal applicator.  There is no pain associated with this procedure, only a feeling of pressure in the treatment area.